Renting Our Facilities

Mörtsjöåsen is located about 15 kilometers north of Karlskrona in south-east Sweden. Mörtsjöåsen is a calm and quiet place, surrounded by lakes, forest and meadows, almost like an island. Our facilities include several houses, jetties and grass fields that can be used for playing football, volleyboll etc. and also a large area of forest.

The number of beds per room can to some extent be adjusted to fit the number of people visiting the camp. It is possible to rent only parts of the facilities, like Sportstugan and the small cabins or the Gammelgården, depending on the needs of the visitors and the season. To find out more about prices and availability please contact Lasse Liljegren, +46(0)76-107 07 84 or André Björkman tfn +46(0)76-882 30 99 (weekdays 8.00-17.00)

Short about our facilities;
”Sportstugan” – the sports cabin
A house were it is possible to stay all year round. Equipped with about 20 beds, kitchen, a big common-room and sauna and showers in the basement. Toilets are located about 50 meters from the main building. The Sports cabin is located on a small hill overlooking the ”Mörtsjön”.
”Gammelgården” – the old farmhouse
This is the original farmhouse on Mörtsjöåsen and can be used all year round. It has about 16 beds (four smaller bedrooms and one larger), a small kitchen, a large common-room and a shower. The toilets, more showers and a sauna are located in a separate building.
”Lillgården” – the small barn house
This house has three large rooms and a total of about 60 beds. It can be used during the summer.
”Storgården” – the large barn house
In this house we have a large kitchen with possibilities to cook 3-400 portions and a diningroom that can serve about 200 people seated at a time. On the upper floor there are two large rooms with a total of about 60 beds, one room with ten beds and five smaller rooms which can acommodate one or two persons each (total 9). This building is only used during summer.
This house has two larger rooms (10 beds + 14 beds), five smaller rooms with 2-4 beds each and one large common room. Can be used during summer.
”Finnbastun” – The sauna
This former sauna is divided into two rooms with two beds each. Can be used during summer.
Sauna and shower building
The main sauna and shower building with separated dressing rooms, saunas and showers for ladies and gents. Also two smaller buildings with toilets.
There is also two jetties for swimming or launching canoes and rowing boats, a soccer-field, two volleyball courts, several badminton courts and a large grass field that can be used for athletics and ball games.