Are you interested in sponsoring Skol IF Mörtsjöåsen and the camp?

For every passing year the interest in for camp grows, more children and adults wants to participate. This of course increases the need for maintenance and improvements of the facilities. Authorities’  and our own requirements for a safe and modern facility means we need to renovate at a faster rate than our finances allow. Some maintenance is financed by the fees that we get from those who rent the facilities and other actvities, but the income is far from sufficient to meet the rehabilitation needs and ensuring the business in the long term.

In 2012 we started the initiative Rescue Mörtsjölägret with Mikael Blomqvist who is a local entrepenour and through this we get money for the major renovations that are planned. While there are many small things that we need help – a new volleyball nets, new balls, maybe a canoe or two?We are very grateful for all contributions, large and small. It could be money, building materials, kitchen equipment, sporting goods, labor, food for the camp etc. We will advertise on Facebook and our website for the things we are specifically in need of, but you have something you think we need please let us know!

Are you interested in sponsoring us, please contact:

Ola Kromnow, tel 08-657 95 55, ola.kromnow(at)ownit.nu

Mona Jönsson, tel 0455-47857, mona(at)familjenj.se

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