Welcome to Mörtsjölägret!

Every summer the non govermental organization ”Skol IF Mörtsjöåsen” organizes a sports camp for boys and girls of the ages 9 to 13. The camp takes place at our campsite ”Mörtsjöåsen”, or in short ”Mörtan”. Mörtsjöåsen is located about 15 kilometers north of Karlskrona, in the southeastern part of Sweden. Every year about 170 children spend two summer weeks being campers at ”Mörtan”.

The children that come to our camp and enjoys the stay the most, are those that likes spending time together with friends, who enjoys being outdoor a lot and are curious of the activities that the camp offers. Almost all activities at the camp are outdoor and group activities. The children are divided into groups that follow a rotating schedule. That way they all get to try all that the camp offers – ballgames, drawing and crafts, gymnastics, canoeing, athletics, orienteering and swimming.

During the evenings there are many possibilities to choose from different activities or just hang with new found friends. Some evenings we have common activities like bonfires, where all can participate. Then children and adults have the opportunity to sing a song or perform in front of each other.

The possibility to organize this camp is all thanks to about 80 adults/counselors, who volunteer their time and effort to the organization without pay. Most of the counselors have been at ”Mörtan” when they were children themselves. At least two counselors share responsibility for a group of children or for an activity. The counselors own experience from being kids at ”Mörtan”, as well as other skills, makes it possible for almost 250 people to share and enjoy the two camp weeks together. To strengthen our counselors in their role we are continusly arranging trainings on how to prevent bullying, harassments and discriminations and we are following recommendations from Svenska Riksidrottsförbundet (Swedish national association for sports) on how to work activily with these questions. See our Policy for counselors for more information.